HTC returns to attack and registers patent of foldable smartphone


HTC was once one of the most popular brands of mobile devices. One of the latest news from the Taiwanese company was the launch of its Wildfire R70 model with Android 9 and Micro-USB.

However the latest news reports that the brand has registered a patent for a foldable smartphone. This novelty may indicate that it will be ready to be reborn and attack this segment of the market.

Although it is currently somewhat forgotten, HTC may be preparing to return to prominence in the smartphone market. In this sense, the brand once again had a profitable smartphone department until the year 2025, with two new devices launched in the first half of 2020.

But the Taiwanese brand is not just thinking about yet another mobile device. Yes, you can start in the most premium segment that currently exists: the foldable ones.

HTC registers patent of foldable smartphone

Thus, the company recently registered the patent for a foldable phone that somewhat resembles those already known, such as Huawei's Mate X and Motorola's Razr.

The patent documents were sent in late December 2019, but only in August of this year was it published in the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

According to the description, it is a device with a foldable screen, in the form of smartphones or tablets, and the hinge allows use with both the device open and only half.

Through patents, the LetsGoDigital team, known for illustrating them, created and disseminated several images so that we have a clearer perception of HTC's goal.

Although it still has a prototype aspect, it is already possible to glimpse something concrete. The smartphone folds outwards, keeping the screen always visible.

Aesthetically, the patent for this folding phone from HTC is not of great interest, compared to others already on the market.

But as this is only a patent, the illustrations are only based on the data in it.

So far there are no more official data or any forecast for launching this foldable. It remains for us to wait for the brand to disclose more information. Or, as is already a habit, that some leak shows us what the equipment will be like, before the official presentation.


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