Huawei president says “survival is the goal now”


At the start of the Huawei Connect event, which kicked off this Wednesday in Shanghai, Guo Ping, the technology’s rotating chairman, again criticized the commercial practices adopted by the United States, which have hampered the Chinese company’s business.

“As you know, Huawei is in a difficult situation and we are still assessing the specific impact of the situation,” said Ping, during his speech at the conference. “Survival is the goal now,” he said. “The United States’ relentless aggression has put us under significant pressure.”

Since last year, Washington has exerted strong pressure on the Chinese technology business, claiming that the company could be dangerous to the country’s security. Since then, the United States Department of Commerce has imposed several restrictions that prevent American companies from providing Huawei products or services. One example is the fact that Huawei can no longer use Google services on the latest smartphones.

“The United States has modified sanctions for the third time and this has really created difficulties for our production and operations,” said the official at Huawei on the sidelines of the event, in statements to the press released by the Reuters agency.

On the same occasion, Ping stressed that “he hopes that the United States government can reconsider its policies” and that, if allowed, the “company is still available to buy products from US companies”.

At the start of the event, which will continue throughout the week, Huawei shared its vision for the future, namely in the area of ​​connectivity, through 5G, and computing.

The technology also mentioned that, being available to work with more government entities, namely in smart city projects or digitalization of processes, “the ICT sector will have a tremendous impact as more governments start to digitize”.

Guo Ping also said that the company plans to continue investing in connectivity, namely through 5G projects, computing and artificial intelligence projects.


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