‘I didn’t do anything to prove’


Arthur Aguiar responded to criticism after announcing that he became an evangelical.

The actor condemned the “trials” for his conversion to Instagram stories earlier today, saying he did not go through the process “to prove anything to anyone” and recommending that people “look at their own sins”.

“I didn’t convert for show or prove anything to anyone, because otherwise I would have posted it myself. I converted because I received a call from God and you will only understand it when it happens to you “, said Arthur, after the information was leaked by the press.

The 31-year-old actor has taken sabbaticals from social media in recent months after his ex-wife, Mayra Cardi, accused his former partner of being abusive during their marriage, committing a series of betrayals with different women.

Arthur admitted to extramarital affairs and withdrew from the media, including lending his Instagram for social initiatives.

On his return to the networks, he had already shown an approach to spirituality and asked for forgiveness from the ex, mother of his daughter Sophia, 1 year old, “for all the unavoidable and unjustified attitudes during that time”.

Despite public statements, the actor argued that he “does not want or need” that his followers believe in his transformation and stated that “no one has the right to judge the other”.

“I don’t want and I don’t need anyone to believe in my transformation, because the only one who needs to feel this is God and he knows it is true. The only thing I demand is RESPECT, because you who are reading my message do not have the right to judge me, curse me, point a finger at me or say anything about my life, because it is not yours “, he wrote.

“The vast majority think they own reason, with the right to judge, curse and apply a sentence in the other’s life as if he were God. And then I ask you: Who are you for judge the other? Who? Who gave you that right? Look for your life, look at everything you do or don’t do. There is no sin and sinful, there is sin, error. It is not up to the judgment whether so-and-so made more or less mistakes, he made a mistake, period. It remains to be seen what he will do with all these mistakes, which is important “, argued the actor.

“Look more at yourself and less at the other when you want to see and point out a defect, you’re full of errors and defects and you’re trying to hide it by putting the spotlight on the other’s mistake so that no one sees yours. And look more at the other and less for you when you think about going around judging, mocking, cursing and making fun of the other person’s life “, he concluded.


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