“I feel better today than with 25”, says Paolla Oliveira


Paolla Oliveira was invited from the Giovanna Ewbank to react to criticism from the famous internet haters in their Instagram photos. The actress ended up having fun with the comments read, and answered some. As was the case with a photo in which she appears with short hair: “I like long hair. For some reason I would cut, for a job, suddenly…. But other than that, no ”.

In the sequence, Paolla reacted to the comment of a follower who criticized her photos of the Carnival, mainly one of her back, showing her skirt.

“The second picture, I even understand her displeasure, suddenly. Oh, and I do what I want, actually. I had more work to do the costume, I was thinking I was wonderful. I have to post whatever I want. But she was so cute that I won’t even answer her. I reply like this: ‘I understand that you didn’t like it, but the rose (emoji shared by the follower) was not so displeased. I will do my best in the next costume ‘”, he said.

Paolla also responded to one more comment, from a follower who stated that she “was better”. “Boy, I’m going to say … If he saw me better than at that moment there … At this moment, I was in full make-up for the carnival, with my hair done, I was feeling well, safe … Maybe the photo didn’t translate my state of mind”, he said.

“I can speak? I don’t know if he was saying about the carnival, the photo … But I will say here: I would not return, I feel less today than I already did. I feel better today than when I was 25. I wouldn’t trade for 25 years today, ”he added.

Paolla Oliveira is in evidence on Brazilian television again. This week, TV Globo started showing the replay of ‘A Força do Querer’ in the range of 21h. The actress gives life to Jeiza, one of the protagonists of the plot written by Glória Perez.

Watch the video below:

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