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NEW MAN IN: Markus Henriksen together with sports manager Mikael Dorsin. Photo: Erik Eikebrokk

TRONDHEIM (VG) On Monday morning, Markus Henriksen (28) was presented as the new Rosenborg player. He decided to return home in consultation with his wife. Now he envisions staying in Trondheim for the rest of his career.

Henriksen has signed a four-year contract with the club he left in 2012. Since then, he has played for Dutch AZ Alkmaar, Hull City, and Bristol City. In addition, there has been an abundance of international matches.

– I decided last week. Before that I was unsure, but my wife and I have had many family councils. Every time there was an offer from a foreign club, we asked if it was right. When we said no to what came, it made the choice easier, that it was Rosenborg we wanted to, Henriksen says to VG.

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He describes the last year as difficult. First in Hull, where he was captain, then with corona and then clubless existence.

– I had never thought that something like this would happen. It started in Hull with them wanting to extend for several years, but I did not want to. Then it became extremely difficult to play. In the New Year, there was a loan stay in Bristol City. Then came the corona, and when I got back to Bristol City, I did not want to extend. It’s been a strange year.

Many family councils

That the family is important in the decision, he does not hide.

– The whole package that you get here, it was the best for the family. Rosenborg will always have something exciting. With a new coach, and new big players, it is a cry on the outside that we want to return to good old Rosenborg. The club has been down for a few years, and this is an upswing I want to be a part of.

– And then you’re back for good?

– That is the plan, that I will be here for four years, but in football you never know. If I am going to travel again, then there must be something good for both me and Rosenborg.

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He himself will not comment on which clubs have been on the stairs, but during the half-hour long press conference at Lerkendal, clubs such as Porto, Rangers, Watford and Marseille are mentioned.

– I have been privileged to have had several choices. It gives me confidence that I am a good football player. This has not been the only way out. And I think that is good, because it shows that I really want to play for Rosenborg.

– Was it you or your wife who decided in the end?

– It was me. There is no doubt about that. I have to make the choice, because I am the one who will live in this everyday life, but I hope she is happy too.

Swedish klegg

By Henriksen’s side was sports manager Mikael Dorsin, who gets a lot of the credit for now returning home.

– When I refused to extend with Bristol City, I had never thought about becoming a Rosenborg player. I must pay tribute to Dorsin; he’s been a jerk to me since i came home. I have really been threatened by project Rosenborg.

– Were you close to signing for Marseille?

– No, I can not say that. I was very close, as I signed for Rosenborg.

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With Henriksen’s entry into the team, Rosenborg today stands with what must be said to be an overcrowded midfield. Henriksen will fight for a place on the team with Per Ciljan Skjelbred, Kristoffer Zachariassen, Gjermund Åsen, Edvard Tagseth and Anders Konradsen.

– Åge and I are going to have a deeper conversation about my position. The last couple of years I have played as one of two deep in midfield, and also the deepest. I feel I can play all the roles in midfield quite well, but I’m probably not as offensive as I was when I broke through, but hopefully it’s still in my blood.

Champions league dream

On Thursday, Rosenborg will play a fateful match in the fourth qualifying round of the Europa League. If Rosenborg wins there, the club has qualified for the European group stage for the fourth year in a row. Henriksen’s dreams, on the other hand, do not stop there.

– Ever since I left Rosenborg, it has been to win league gold that counts. It will be difficult this year, but I have always had a boy’s dream to play Champions League with Rosenborg. I know that road is long, but I hope that it is possible to realize before I put the shoes on the shelf.

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