‘I intend to go back to the waterfalls’


Doctor Dieynne Saugo, who was bitten by a jararaca at a waterfall in Nobres, 150 kilometers from Cuiabá, said she plans to return to waterfalls even after the scare.

“I don’t think I experienced a trauma, I think it was a victory. I always see everything on the positive side. My story is a miracle story. It was a great learning experience, I had to relearn how to talk, how to walk, how to do a lot of things, “he told the” Meeting with Fátima Bernardes “.

“I intend to go back to the waterfalls, because it is something I love. It is their habitat [dos animais]. There is no bad luck, there is no luck. It’s an accident. It could have been with anyone “, he commented.

‘I was born again’

“I have a new date of birth, August 30, the date of the accident”, she commented, who came to have 70% of the airways compromised by the swelling resulting from the bite.

“I was always very positive. I say that when we have faith, there is nothing that can be superior to it. Fear is a normal reaction, every human being feels, even more so in such a serious case. But all the time I kept telling myself that I am strong, that I was going to win this battle “, she said.

Dieynne also reported that he had several surgeries on his arm and hand, where the bites occurred. In total, she had to score 41 points in the region.

Dieynne Saugo shows surgery scars after being bitten by jararaca

Image: Playback / Globoplay


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