– I really take chances with this novel


Karl Ove Knausgård writes in a new track. The beginning of his latest book is violent, mythical and apocalyptic. – I leave my old, safe realistic novel universe, he says.

  • Find Skårderud

    Author, psychiatrist and professor, director at Villa SULT

– I wanted to write a fantastic novel, not fantastically good, but fantastic, says Karl Ove Knausgård.

– I really take chances with this novel, he continues. – Because I leave my old, safe realistic novel universe completely and throw myself into something completely new, where supernatural things even happen. I wanted to go somewhere completely different than where I have been in my other books. Now I’m not sure what kind of book this has become. Usually in interviews I talk about things I have talked about a thousand times before. In fact, I’ve never talked about this book before, not in public and not so much in private. You are one of the very first. You get to help me get started, you.

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