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The sincere smile with a few missing teeth demonstrates the purity of those who, from an early age, take with them values ​​to spare. Benício Esmanhoto Hoffmann, 7, was riding a bicycle with his father on the street, in Curitiba (PR), when he lost his balance and hit the handlebars on a car.

Worried about his “mistake”, he left a note apologizing to the owner (watch the video below).

In an interview with G1, Benício said that, as soon as the situation occurred, he returned home thinking about how to pay with his own money.

“At the time I thought: I’m going to stop cycling and that’s it, my life as a cyclist is over. I spent years gathering a little bit [de dinheiro] and then all this was going to be poured into one little thing. I was worried, but the good always comes and goes, goes and goes, goes and goes “, said the boy.

Ticket with apology goes viral on the internet

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Child collected money to pay

Marcel Weiss Hoffmann, Benício’s father, said that his son always gathers the coins he earns on a daily basis or as a gift on holidays, such as Christmas – the child wanted to use his money to pay for the repair.

“He was very uncomfortable, he kept asking if it was going to be expensive. He even got a little change from him and he was regretting that his money was not going to pay,” said Marcel.

The father says he was distressed to see his son so disappointed after scratching the car and wanting to solve the problem as soon as possible.

“We were thinking about what to do, we didn’t want to be part of the street group because it hadn’t been serious, nobody had been hurt, right. We took a pen and paper, and he started writing. For us it was a very simple and common story. at the end of the day, the neighbor sent a message saying that he thought the ticket was very cute, but that he didn’t have to pay anything “, commented the father.

The feeling of doing the right thing

Benício reported that he never thought of “running away” from responsibilities. According to him, the world is already “too bad for more people to do evil”.

“For this moment, in the middle of a pandemic, it has to do good. This feeling is great afterwards. We are already running low on water, with coronavirus, there are thieves stealing, everything is closed, improving is not getting worse. almost impossible. Marcelo’s action [dono do carro] it was also good for not asking for payment “, pointed out the boy.

Car owner said he didn’t even notice the risk in the body shop in Curitiba – Photo: Reproduction / RPC

Upon finding the ticket, the owner of the car, Marcelo Martins, posted a photo of the apology on a social network. The photo, on Sunday (13), had more than 350 thousand likes and 42 thousand shares.

In an interview with RPC, Marcelo stated that he was surprised by the boy’s gesture.

“We think that someone who hits your car can run away, even more at this age, but I found it a gesture of sweetness, of great honesty. I looked everywhere, my car was a little dirty and I didn’t even notice. If it weren’t for the ticket, I wouldn’t have even noticed it “, said Marcelo.

Benício said that he did not expect the neighbor to make the publication and was startled by the repercussions.

“Things happened quickly here. The first reaction when I saw it on the internet was, ‘What ?!’ For me, it was strange. I was impressed, it was a scare to become famous out of nowhere. When I wanted to pay, he didn’t want to charge me. He is the second friend I make in the same year here. It was good, “said the boy.

The photo had more than 350 thousand likes and 42 thousand shares – Photo: Reproduction

Benício’s father stated that, even though he knew his son’s way and the education he always sought to offer him, he was happy with the attitude.

“He was always a very good, caring, caring boy, concerned for others. He doesn’t know whether he wants to be a judge or not because he is afraid that in the future the judge will be replaced by robots. He was always a very correct child. and scold me when I eventually exceed speed, for example, “said the father.

Marcel Hoffmann also commented that what he and Benício’s mother seek is for their son to always have security in them when a problem arises, that he does not need to escape from the delicate situation.

“When we see that he is responsible for actions like that, we are happy. He always rode a good bike, he always liked it. [da bicicleta] since the age of 3. He took those bicycles without a pedal at home and went crazy with happiness, he insisted that I remove the wheels and the pedal from his bicycle “, he reported.

Because of the isolation, unable to travel and sunny almost every day in the capital of Paraná, cycling is and will continue to be the activity of the father and son, according to them.

“It was scary, but it passed. Now we will go on with life and be more careful,” concluded Benício.

Benício, 7, left a note after accidentally scratching a car in Curitiba – Photo: Reproduction / RPC

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