Ibovespa rises with financial sector, but out of breath to reach 98,000 points By Reuters


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Por Paula Arend Laier

SAO PAULO (Reuters) – The closed higher on Thursday, supported by the advancement of the financial sector, with B3 (SA πŸ™‚ rising 5.5%, but out of breath to reach 98 thousand points given the volatility in Wall Street and ongoing concerns about the Brazilian fiscal environment.

Reference index of the Brazilian stock exchange, the Ibovespa rose 1.33%, to 97,012.07 points. At maximum, it reached 97,954.63 points. The financial volume totaled R $ 25.4 billion.

On Wall Street, the S&P 500 was up 0.3% at the end of the volatile session, with figures showing a still mixed picture of the United States’ recovery, as financial agents monitor negotiations for new fiscal stimulus.

The Federal Reserve chair and the US Treasury Secretary said on Thursday that hundreds of billions of dollars in unused funds from a $ 2.3 trillion coronavirus aid package could be reallocated to help families and businesses from the USA.

In the view of manager Fernando Siqueira, from Infinity Asset, in addition to a technical adjustment, part of the domestic increase was supported by signs about more stimulus in the USA, but also in the ‘dovish’ tone of the Brazilian Central Bank Inflation Report.

“The interest curve has fallen a lot … which was also seen in the stock market as a positive sign, especially in sectors more sensitive to interest, as is the case of construction companies,” he said.

Despite the recovery, after Ibovespa closed at least three months ago, fears about the trajectory of public accounts persist.

Bradesco BBI maintained overweight for Brazilian stocks in a portfolio for Latin America and estimates that Ibovespa will end the year at 107 thousand points, but pointed out that, at the moment, the shares are pricing high political and fiscal risks.

“Politicians will support the economic team to meet the spending limit in 2021 and stop paying emergency aid before the Covid-19 vaccine arrives? We think so, but we recognize that we will need a few months to ensure greater clarity,” noted in a report to customers.


– ITAÚ UNIBANCO PN rose 2.45% and BRADESCO PN (SA πŸ™‚ advanced 1.9%, with the financial sector supporting the improvement of Ibovespa. B3 ON appreciated 5.51%.

– IRB BRASIL ON (SA πŸ™‚ closed with an increase of 12.38%, again among the positive highlights, one day after operational data for July showed improvement in the monthly basis, although analysts remain cautious.

– VALE ON (SA πŸ™‚ closed with a decrease of 0.74%, with the mining and steel sector presenting a weaker performance than Ibovespa, with emphasis on CSN ON (SA :), which closed with a drop of 1.8% .

– CVC (SA πŸ™‚ BRASIL ON advanced 4.65%, having on the radar disclosure by the tour operator of improved sales since the beginning of July, as well as cash and cash equivalents of approximately 1.5 billion reais.

PETROBRAS PN (SA πŸ™‚ rose 0.84%, with the oil contract closing almost stable.

– LOCALIZA ON (SA πŸ™‚ lost 1.66%, after a sharp rise the day before, in the wake of the merger announcement with Unidas. UNIDAS ON, which is not on the Ibovespa, fell 1.01%.


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