Identified sexual encounter outside Africa that led to ‘Homo Sapiens’


In investigators believe they have discovered the date on which our ancestors ‘first sexual encounter took place’ Homo Sapiens‘ outside of Africa. The encounter will have occurred about 300 thousand years ago, between ‘Sapiens‘ e ‘Neanderthals‘and was responsible for the population that lived in the area that currently corresponds to Europe.

According to BBC, the article proving this discovery was published in the scientific journal ‘Sapiens‘and reveals the oldest cross between known species. This encounter, between two of the three species of hominids that inhabited the earth 300,000 years ago, was responsible for the appearance of ‘Homo Sapiens‘, which only appeared 200,000 years later.

The team of international investigators analyzed the remains of three ‘Neanderthals‘, including the bones of a baby, who died in what is now Russia about 44,000. The bones of a teenager of the same species, who lived mainly in Europe, were also studied. Both bones were found in the cave of El Sidron, in Spain.

During the investigation, male remains were the greatest tool, as it enabled the analysis of the Y chromosome, which is the genetic mark of paternity that passes from parents to children. The idea was simple: Try to understand if it was the males’Neanderthals‘ a mate with females’Sapiens‘or the other way around.

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