Images of Google’s new phone leak hours before launch – News


Google will present its new product line on Wednesday (30) in an event to be held in the United States. One of the most awaited launches is the new cell phone developed by the company, the Pixel 5. The device, however, had images leaked on Twitter hours before the public knew the news.

The design does not attract attention and follows the same line as the vast majority of smartphones that are already on the market. At the front, you can see that the screen almost completely occupies the available area, with only one detail in the upper left corner for the front camera.

At the rear there is a square space, similar to the iPhone, for the three cameras, an LED flash and light sensors, as well as a small hole for the microphone. Rumors circulating on the internet suggest that one of the cameras will be 12 megapixels and there will also be a 16 megapixel wide angle.

A detail in the photo of the device’s screen that was photographed indicates that the Pixel 5 will already have connection to 5G networks, the next generation of mobile internet that is still being implemented and that should change the way electronics are used.

THE google event to officially present the Pixel 5 takes place this Wednesday at 3pm (Brasília time).


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