Iman Vellani will be Kamala Khan in Disney + series


According to Deadline, Iman Vellani was chosen to live Kamala Khan, the Ms. Marvel in the new Marvel series on Disney +.

The series will focus on Kamala Khan, a young Pakistani-American who is a fan of Captain Marvel. One day, she discovers her powers after being hit by Terrigen’s fog, becoming a Inhuman. Thus, she starts to have elastic powers, and decides to assume the identity of Miss Marvel and become a hero.

Kamala first appeared in 2013, and became the first Muslim character to have his solo comics at Marvel. With the Disney + series, she will be the MCU’s first Muslim heroine. please note that Kevin Feige has already made it clear that the character will also appear in the films.

Iman Vellani

This is Vellani’s first major work in Hollywood, but she is known for fighting for diversity in the film industry. In 2019, the young actress was part of a committee of Toronto Film Festival that had this intention.

Now that the news is over, check out our list with everything you need to know about Ms Marvel:


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