In a message to the financial market, Bolsonaro says that, “if Brazil goes bad, everyone goes bad” | Policy


The president Jair Bolsonaro on Tuesday complained about criticism of his government’s suggestion to use precatory e do Fundeb to finance the new social program, called Citizen Income. Bolsonaro went to financial market, said that “we are in the same boat” and, if the country is bad, the market “will no longer have income”.

“Some say ‘take the precatorios’, ‘sell some state-owned companies’. Selling state-owned companies is not an overnight process, it is a huge process and you need to have a criterion for that. You cannot burn state-owned companies, you have to sell them for some purpose. Although this possibility is possible to be studied, before the market collapses again ”, said the president.

“The market people, I give my message to you. If Brazil is bad, everyone is bad. That saying ‘we are in the same boat’ is the clearest that exists at the moment. Brazil is one, if it starts to show problems, everyone suffers. Market people will not have any more income. You live on that, on application. We obviously want to be on good terms with everyone, but I ask: help with suggestions, not criticism ”, he said, in conversation with supporters in front of the Palácio da Alvorada.

Bolsonaro pointed out that, with the end of the emergency aid, there will be 20 million people “almost without income” as of January. For the president, there may be “social disturbances” starting in 2021 without a program that guarantees financial aid. “The left can take advantage of this and set Brazil on fire. We have to have alternatives ”, he argued.

The president also said that all the alternatives proposed by the government become “monstrous criticisms” and repeated that he was not concerned about his re-election. “Everything I do says that I’m thinking about 2022, if I don’t do it, I’m silent, if I do I’m thinking about 2022. Now, don’t want to be in my place. I will do my best to seek a solution, I will go to a military maxim. I want rational help, I need advice and suggestions. Now, if nothing comes up, I’m going to make that decision that the military makes: ‘worse than a bad decision is indecision’. I will not be undecided, time is running out. ”

Finally, Bolsonaro told supporters that the criticisms should not be directed at him, but at “those who destroyed jobs”.


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