In Brazil, JAC launches the world’s first 100% electric pickup truck


Model is focused on fleet owners and, according to the automaker, has the low cost of kilometer wheels as a major attraction

JAC Motors, which today has the largest range of electric cars in Brazil, the iEV 330P, the first 100% electric pickup truck produced in the world. It will have 320 km of autonomy and capacity for 800 kg of payload. The iEV 330P will cost R $ 289,900 with a focus on fleet owners.

The JAC iEV330P electric pickup has 150 hp of power and 33.7 kgfm of torque and is equipped with lithium iron phosphate batteries with 67.2 kWh of maximum load capacity.


According to JAC, the highlight of the electric pickup is the cost per km run, capable of running 320 km with a full load, which gives, on average, a consumption of 21 kWh per 100 km. To fully recharge the iEV330, considering the average cost (there is variation per Brazilian State) of R $ 0.55 per kW, consumers will pay R $ 37, according to the company’s calculations.

Another attraction for fleet owners is the lower maintenance cost of an electric pickup compared to models with a combustion engine.

How is the recharge?

The slow alternating current load of the iEV330 (obtained through a 7.4 kW wallbox charger) will be 8 hours from 20 to 100%. As it is a vehicle intended for fleet owners, however, the electrical installations of these companies usually adopt the option of fast charging in direct current (obtained through a 40 kW charger): the recharge time, if you choose from 20 to 100%, will be only 1h30.

Equipped with a regenerative action system called i-Pedal, the JAC iEV330P’s propulsion system takes advantage of decelerations and recharges the batteries – the engine stops consuming energy and momentarily becomes a “generator”. Result: if the driver is careful when accelerating and does not use air conditioning, the iEV330T will deliver a range of more than 320 km.

The JAC iEV330P electric pickup is 5.615 m long, with a total width of 1.88 meters, 1.83 m high and 3.38 m between wheelbases. The bucket is 1.81 meters long and 1.52 meters wide.

Inside the JAC iEV330P

The fully digital instrument panel has two large dials that mimic an analog scale: on the left, there is a kind of potentiometer, which indicates the percentage of instantaneous power used by the electric motor. On the right, the speedometer.

On the central screen, the driver finds a “battery”, which points to the remaining battery charge and a second digital speedometer, in addition to instantaneous consumption in kWh and odometers (partial and totalizer).

The steering wheel is multifunctional, with keys on the right that control the audio. The seats and door panels cover brown and fabric.

Media center has 7 inch screen

As another highlight, the JAC iEV330P displays a multimedia device with a 7-inch screen, which incorporates a rear camera and has a Bluetooth connection, MP3 player and USB port.

Complete the list of standard items, air conditioning, steering with electro-hydraulic assistance, DRL, headlamps with electric beam height adjustment, fog lights (front), fog lamp (rear), anti-glare internal mirror, sensor open hood, rear parking sensor, reverse camera and USB ports on the center console of the panel and the rear seat.

VPS system and pedestrian safety

As it works with a very low noise level, almost imperceptible to those inside the car, the JAC iEV330P becomes a risk for pedestrians in general, especially those with visual impairments. To prevent this risk, JAC Motors developed the VPS system, an audible alert that emits intermittent “beeps” outside the car at up to 25 km / h. This makes it possible to be identified by these disabled people.

Photos: JAC Motors | disclosure


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