In ‘Conversa’, Mandetta says he warned Bolsonaro about 180 thousand deaths if the government did not act: ‘I never spoke in public, but I showed him’ | Conversation with Bial


The orthopedic doctor, former federal deputy and former minister Luiz Henrique Mandetta is the interviewee’s Conversation with Bial from Thursday, 9/24. He is launching the book “A patient called Brazil: Behind the scenes of the fight against the coronavirus”, in which he narrates how the Ministry of Health tried to contain the Covid-19 epidemic in Brazil during his tenure.

In the book and in his conversation with Pedro Bial, Mandetta uses the psychiatric concept of the phases of mourning to explain the president’s reaction Jair Bolsonaro in the pandemic: denial, anger, negotiation, depression and acceptance. After denying the gravity of the situation, his next reaction was anger:

“I symbolized the news and he was angry at the ‘postman’, he was angry at the Ministry of Health.”

Luiz Henrique Mandetta is the interviewee of ‘Conversa com Bial’ on Thursday, 9/24 – Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

Then, according to the ex-minister, came the phase of calling for some chance or the supernatural: “He got attached to that song of people who go around him and start saying what he wanted to hear”. Mandetta he explains that psychiatric work seeks to reach the acceptance phase, in which the person acts collaboratively, adheres to treatment, overcomes pain and resumes life.

“I was trying to pull him right into the proactive phase. I never said in public that I worked with 180 thousand deaths if we did not intervene, but for him I showed it, I delivered it in writing, so that he could know the responsibility of the paths he would choose. It was really a very negative and angry reaction. ”

The conversation is Thursday, after the Jornal da Globo.

Did you know that ‘Conversa com Bial’ has a podcast? Listen:


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