In crisis, Bruno and Marrone hardly speak after confusion in live – Prisma


Country duo, who has been together for more than 30 years, walks with a shaky relationship after Bruno’s drinking and bursts in virtual shows

The weather is heavy between Bruno and Marrone. Anyone who watched the duo’s live this past weekend, alongside Wesley Safadão, realized that they are far from understanding after a disagreement on the last on the 13th, also during a virtual show.

There are those who fear that they will break up after another 30 years of singing together.

The drunkenness and thoughtless comments by Bruno would be leaving Marrone hurt and willing to drop everything. Bruno would be drinking even more in the quarantine, talks nonsense during lives, regrets and apologizes the next day.

It was like that with Flávia Viana months ago. This time the target was partner Marrone.

Sertanejo Bruno apologizes to Flávia Viana after embarrassment

On live on the 13th, Bruno provoked Marrone. The confusion started when Marrone was telling a story about his life. Bruno then interrupted his friend. “Stop talking about you. You talk a lot about you, my farm, my life, go fuck yourself”, he attacked. Leonardo, and Jorge and Mateus, who were also on the live, tried to calm the mood, but Bruno did not stop.

The next day, he appeared on social media asking for forgiveness from his partner, who is tired of all this.

On Saturday (19), live with Wesley Safadão, Bruno and Marrone hardly spoke. Bruno even said he would not drink anything because he had been criticized a lot during the week. However, the weather pie was in the air.


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