In isolation, Maria Cerqueira Gomes will repeat test at Covid-19 – News


Maria Cerqueira Gomes was in direct on ‘Você na TV’ this Wednesday, 30 Septemberto talk about being in isolation prophylactic. The presenter was in contact with a person infected like New coronavirus and must quarantine until 6 October.

In conversation with Manuel Luís Goucha, said that the person she was in contact with again did two tests that were negative, so the presenter will do a new test with zaragatoa tomorrow and expect to know the result on Friday.

Regarding the first exam, which was negative, Maria toyed with the said discomfort caused by zaragatoa. “I was raped in both nostrils, but it cost me more in the mouth. Here in the north it is done everywhere,” he joked.

Finally, she said that this situation woke her up to the “lack of civility” related to the virus when she realized that many people ignore the fact that they had been in contact with infected.

“I felt like I did a heroic act by revealing that I was in contact with someone who had covid-19 “, he said, and concluded that despite the” massacre “it causes in routine, it is essential that everyone assume their responsibility and comply with the security measures recommended by the Direction General Health.

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