In one week, 3 private schools in MA suspend classes due to covid cases – 19/09/2020


Three private schools in São Luís announced this week the suspension of face-to-face classes after teachers and students tested positive for covid-19. In a fourth school, face-to-face activities were canceled on suspicion that an elementary school student was infected with the disease.

In Maranhão, a decree by Governor Flávio Dino (PCdoB) authorizes, since August 3, the resumption of face-to-face classes in private and municipal schools. There is still no date for the reopening of state public schools.

The Upaon-Açu college sent a statement to parents on Thursday (17) stating that two high school teachers received a positive diagnosis for covid-19. The suspension of face-to-face activities for two weeks was determined between September 18 and October 5.

According to the school, the decision was taken to preserve the health of “all employees and students” and “strictly” complies with the biosafety protocol adopted by the college, as well as the appropriate measures determined by the state.

Educallis and Literato also suspended classes for a period of 14 days from 18 September. At Educallis, the measure applies to elementary and high school students and happened after two employees of the institution tested positive for covid-19.

“In line with the protocol for returning to face-to-face classes and the guidelines of the World Health Organization, this is the necessary action that we must take at this moment”, informed the school.

In Literato, classroom classes in the 7th grade of elementary school were suspended. The decision was made after a student was diagnosed with coronavirus disease.

In the period of suspension of classroom activities, according to the school, the classrooms will be “isolated and, consequently, sanitized”. The college also says that it follows the guidelines of the state of Maranhão.

All schools reported that, during the period of suspension of face-to-face classes, activities will continue remotely. THE Twitter tries to contact schools.

Suspected covid in student

Face-to-face activities were also suspended at Dom Pedro II school last Wednesday (17) due to suspicion of covid-19 in an elementary school student.

In a statement sent to the parents, the school says that “because of the information, we will comply with the biosafety protocol by suspending the face-to-face classes in this segment for 7 days (17 to 23/09)”. The school also informs that, if the diagnosis is confirmed, the suspension will be extended for another 7 days.

Aspa-MA (Association of Parents and Students of Educational Institutions of the State of Maranhão) estimates that, after the resumption, nine private schools in São Luís had to suspend classes due to suspicion or confirmation of cases of covid-19 among students or teachers.

Marcelo Freitas, president of the association, says that the situation “only tends to increase from now on”. “Maranhão experiences the false impression that the covid-19 is over. We are seeing agglomerations on the beaches, in the shopping malls, in the political campaigns, and this may bring a second wave [da doença]”, he says.

In this scenario, he assesses, the parents’ responsibility for the safety and health of the school community increases. “We want to ask parents not to refer them to schools in the face of any symptoms in their children.”

Until this Friday (18th), Maranhão registered 166,580 cases and 3,632 deaths by covid-19.


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