In the bay, Biel remembers Raisa splashing water on his face after voting


Biel still doesn’t seem to have “swallowed” Raissa Barbosa’s attitude of splashing water on his face after the formation of the first farm of “A Fazenda 2020”. (RecordTV). In a conversation with his stall partners, Victória Villarim, Juliano Ceglia and Rodrigo Moraes, the singer recalled the fact, saying that some pedestrians did not accept well the fact that the men came together to try to save him from the first swidden:

“I like her, I voted for her (Raissa) to save me. She threw water at me without justification”. Victoria intervenes and tries to defend Raissa, saying that the model did not throw water at him because of the vote: “She said she threw water at you because you made a face of debauchery”. Biel then counters: “But does that give you the right to throw water in someone’s face?”, The model says no: “She lost her reason, she knows that”.

Biel then adds: “What we are going through here is so intense that we cannot put ourselves in the other’s shoes.”

A little earlier, the four talked about the “one remains” in the formation of the farm. Biel tells Vic that if Cartolouco is the most voted for the house, he will pull her to the field: “If he goes to the house he will pull you, because none of the three of us he will pull”.


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