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The Federal Revenue informed this Wednesday (30) that 910,996 taxpayers had their 2020 income tax returns withheld in the so-called “fine mesh” due to inconsistencies in the information provided.

When entering the fine mesh, the taxpayers’ declarations are retained for verification of pending issues and eventual correction of errors. Refunds are paid only after the issue has been resolved.

The number of statements held in mesh represents 2.74% of total declarations presented this year between March and September.

“There are 693,981 tax return declarations (IAR), representing 76% of the total; 192,126 tax returns or 21% of the total, with Tax Payable (IAP) and 24,889, with zero balance, representing 3%, of the total ‘, informed the Recipe.

Refunds for the fifth and final income tax refund lot 2020 will be paid on Wednesday. R $ 4.3 billion will be credited to 3,199,567 contributors.

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  • See what to do if you haven’t declared

According to the IRS, the main reasons that led to the withholding of statements were:

  • Omission of income of declared holders and dependents: 46% of the total;
  • Deductions from medical expenses: 26%;
  • Divergences between the IRRF informed in the declaration and the informed in DIRF: 21%;
  • Deductions from tax due, receipt of accumulated income and divergence of information on payment of carnage or supplementary tax: 7%.

I fell into the fine mesh, now what?

What to do when you fall into the fine mesh? Federal Revenue Officer explains

To find out if the declaration was withheld, the taxpayer must access the Federal Revenue website (

Anyone who expects to receive a refund should consult the DIRPF Processing Extract, under “My Income Tax”. There it is possible to know if everything is correct with the Declaration presented, or if there is any pending issue.

According to the IRS, if the declaration was retained in fine mesh, there are three alternatives:

  1. Correct the statement presented, without any fine or penalty, by means of a rectifying statement, if there are errors in what was declared. This correction will not be possible after the taxpayer is served or notified;
  2. Wait for a statement from the IRS to present documentation explaining the pending matter presented in the Statement;
  3. Present, in a virtual way, all the vouchers and documents that attest to the declared values ​​and pointed out as pending in the statement. To present the documents, it is necessary to check the DIRPF Processing Extract guidelines and formalize a DDA (Digital Service Dossier for the Fiscal Network). “The presentation of the documents, in this case, is the sole responsibility of the taxpayer, who may still be summoned or receive a notification”, explains the IRS.

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