Increase in Covid-19 cases in Flamengo does not change Palmeiras position on postponement | soccer


CBF returned to assess whether the game should be played or not. Palmeiras sees this as an inconsistency of the entity, since it was itself that established the protocol for the Brasileirão, which contemplates this type of case. Behind the scenes, the club considers the Confederation undecided due to pressure from Flamengo.

The club also believes that this is a technical decision, since the entity allowed the registration of 40 players per team precisely so that there were athletes available in case of contamination. That is why Palmeiras maintains the stance of being against postponement.

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Maurício Galiotte, president of Palmeiras, alongside Anderson Barros, football director – Photo: Cesar Greco / Ag. Palmeiras

Palmeiras’ board also uses the argument that Flamengo’s game against Ecuador’s Independiente Del Valle next week is maintained by Conmebol. Thus, a postponement at Brasileirão, going against the protocol established by CBF, would be bad for the entity’s image.

During meetings before the return of football, President Maurício Galiotte suggested that CBF and Conmebol comply with a unified protocol for their competitions. However, each chose to follow their own determinations.

Flamengo beat Barcelona 2-0 in Guayaquil, Ecuador, on Tuesday. Several players had already been left out for being with Covid-19. After the match, others also tested positive. In the entire delegation of the Rio club, there are already 27 confirmed cases.


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