Industry confidence reaches highest level since January 2013


The Industry Confidence Index, measured by Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV), grew 8 points from August to September this year. With the result, the indicator reached 106.7 points, on a scale of 0 to 200 points, the highest level since January 2013, when it also registered 106.7 points.

Eighteen of the 19 industrial segments surveyed registered an increase in confidence from August to September.

The Current Situation Index, which measures business confidence at the present time, grew 9.5 points and reached 107.3 points. The Expectations Index, which measures confidence in the future, rose 6.3 points and reached 105.9 points.

“In the opinion of the entrepreneurs, the demand would be satisfactory, the level of inventories is comfortable and there would be an expectation of an increase in production and personnel in the very short term. This result suggests that the worst of the crisis has already been overcome and that the sector would have the strength to continue to present positive results in the next quarter ”, says FGV economist Renata de Mello Franco.

However, there is a concern in the sector regarding the next six months. “A caution possibly motivated by uncertainty regarding the direction of the economy after the withdrawal of emergency government programs”, says Renata de Mello Franco.


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