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Instagram announced on Wednesday (30) that the app’s Direct tool will receive a series of features thanks to the integration of chat with Facebook Messenger. The new update brings messages that self-destruct with “Temporary Mode”, and the possibility to chat with Facebook or Instagram friends via the same platform on Android and iPhone (iOS), without having to change apps to send a message or make a video call.

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There are more than ten new features for Instagram Direct, and a lot of it was already present in Messenger, such as chat personalization and the “Watch Together” option, to see clips with friends in video calls. Communication between the two Facebook services started in mid-August for some Brazilians, and the expectation now is that the news will be made available to more users.

Facebook and Instagram are increasingly integrated – Photo: Tainah Tavares / TechTudo

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Among the features already available in Messenger that arrive on Instagram, are personalized reactions with emoji, the customization of colors and animated visuals on chat screens, and the “Watch Together” function, to watch Facebook Watch productions with friends. , IGTV and, soon, also Reels, Instagram’s short video tool inspired by TikTok.

It will also be possible to reply to specific messages and forward content to up to five contacts, as was already possible with the Facebook messenger. Instagram also increased the selfie sticker tool with the option to create a series of “boomerang-style” stickers, to use stickers with your face in conversations through the app.

Instagram chat will be more colorful and animated after this update – Photo: Disclosure / Instagram

The “Temporary Mode” allows you to configure the chat to delete the texts after the user reads, or when the conversation window is closed. This measure applies to all participants in an Instagram chat. All members will be notified of the activation of the Temporary Mode by an alert in the chat, and it can be disabled from an option at the top of the window.

Temporary mode allows more reserved conversations on Instagram – Photo: Disclosure / Pedro Cardoso

Promise of more security

Instagram chat also receives Messenger-specific conversation management tools, such as adjustments to limit who can and cannot send messages, and functions to report specific messages or entire conversations.

Instagram will also be able to suggest blocking options so you won’t be bothered anymore. In this case, the idea of ​​the social network is to improve the privacy of its customers. This follows Facebook’s initial statement that the integration of services seeks to increase user safety on the brand’s platforms.

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