Instagram will use Facebook Messenger to send and read messages


The total unification of applications for messages from the services of the Facebook universe is getting closer and closer. The latest news is that the company will incorporate more features of Facebook Messenger into the Instagram messaging system, including the possibility of sending messages through both applications. Facebook started testing this integration in early summer and has now made it known that in the coming months, it will reach everyone who uses Instagram messages.

When the change arrives, Instagram users will have to update the application in order to use “a new way to send messages on Instagram”. By updating, they will be able to communicate directly with Facebook users, even if they don’t have an Instagram account. Likewise, Messenger will allow you to send messages to those who only use Instagram.


Despite this, Facebook says that this update will not merge Instagram and Facebook accounts, or combine inboxes. If you use both applications, you will still be able to send and receive messages separately. Facebook also allows you to limit users who do not use Instagram who can send you messages, the same happens with those who only use Facebook.

This change follows other updates to the Instagram messaging system, which lacked some features that already existed in Facebook Messenger. Now, Instagram users will be able to forward messages, add reactions or set conversations that automatically disappear with the new ‘Vanish Mode’. The update will also improve tools for reporting harassment and other behavior that goes against the terms of use of the service. Features that already exist in Messenger.

Even so, this change can cause controversy. Unlike Facebook, which according to the terms of use, forces users to use their real name, Instagram does not have this rule. And many people may not want to have their real identity linked to their Instagram account.

To prevent the appearance of this problem, users have the chance to completely disconnect the communication functionality between services.



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