“iPhone 12 mini” and “iPhone 12” will start at 64GB capacity – MacMagazine.com


We are now probably two weeks from the day that Apple will finally announce the line “iPhone 12”, and possible last-minute information keeps popping up.

The latter came from leaker Jon Prosser, which has a varied history of successes – although, yes, more positive than negative.

According to him, the first batch of devices will be shipped to distributors worldwide on October 5th.

He states that the initial batch includes both the “iPhone 12 mini” (“confirmed” name of the 5.4 inch model) as for the “iPhone 12” (6.1 inches), allowing both “Pro” models to reach the market later.

Also according to Prosser, these two “normal” models will be sold in versions of 64GB, 128GB or 256GB, just like the iPhone 11.

The new “Pro” models (6.1 and 6.7 inches), says the leaker, will start in 128GB – double the current minimum capacity. It remains to be seen whether Apple will touch the other two models (256GB and 512GB) or if they will stay the same.

And yes, once again, Prosser says that the launch event for the new devices will take place on the October 13 (Tuesday), exactly two weeks from now.


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