iPhone 12 Mini: goodbye to 5G connections is worth 699 Euros


If we look at the information circulating on the Internet, Apple fans will have to pay a lot to get their hands on 5G equipment. In fact, the cheapest iPhone 12 is available from 1000 Euros. But what about the softer model? Now if we decrease the size and take the 5G, we have a much nicer price for the iPhone 12 Mini. I am talking about 699 Euros. But is it really a good bet?

iPhone 12 Mini: goodbye to 5G connections is worth 699 Euros

This price was confirmed by The Wall Street Journal analyst Tom Forte. Looking at what the Galaxy S20 FE 5G and OnePlus 8T cost, all with 5G, the price of the iPhone 12 Mini may be too high.

But Apple’s mini bet does not differ from other models just by the difference in 5G.

iPhone 12 Mini 5G

Between the most heard date for the supposed presentation of the iPhone 12 is October 13th, this may not happen. Is that Apple is superstitious and will hardly organize the event on this day. So the revelation can be made on October 20.

The forecast is that among the new products there will be room for a smaller iPhone. It can be called iPhone 12 mini, and you will be entitled to a 5.4 inch screen. This model may even be the best-selling smartphone in Apple’s new series of devices. However, it will not have everything. Some say it has a weaker chipset than the other elements in the iPhone 12 range. This is to reduce costs.

For example, the leakster @MauriQHD claims that Apple created a mid-range B14 chip.

In fact, they put their hands on the Apple A14 Bionic as a base, but “tightened” the frequency of the cores. It is possible that the iPhone 12 mini is not the only smartphone from the company where the new chipset will be used.

iPhone 12 Mini 5G

As we mentioned the smallest iPhone is called iPhone 12 Mini. This if the leaks are confirmed. Interestingly, we also know that the device previously called “iPhone 12 Max” is known as “iPhone 12”. As we can see, Apple is launching a new naming scheme. Despite this, the name “mini” is not something entirely new for this company. In fact, it already uses this designation on Mac computers and also on the iPad. In addition, the apple giant has even launched an iPod Mini in the past.

If we look at all this it is no longer very strange to see an iPhone 12 Mini. This despite this designation only arriving now. However, Apple is also expected to maintain the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max suffixes for the next 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch models. The iPhone 12 range was the first to use these names. Do you like Leak? We count on you! Follow us on Google News. Click here and then click Follow.

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