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With the announcement of new iPhone models getting closer, new leaks and behind-the-scenes information are popping up almost every day. With the details released over the past week, we already have an almost complete picture of what Apple is expected to present to the public in October, at least according to the backstage information available so far, which includes alleged names, prices and sizes of screens.

Several different sources have already commented that Apple will make some changes to the nomenclature of this year’s devices. The biggest one is that the model with the smallest screen will be called the iPhone 12 mini, following the logic of the iPad mini and Mac mini. Above it would be the iPhone 12, followed by the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which would be the most advanced of all, in addition to having the largest screen. A recent photo, showing stickers ready to be pasted on the cases of cell phones, gave more strength to the information that these will be the names of the new models.

Although it is called the iPhone 12 mini, this variant will be 5.4 inches larger than the new iPhone SE launched earlier this year. The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro will have 6.1 inches, while the 12 Pro Max will have 6.7 inches, fully focused on those looking for big screens and a lot of processing power. But while screen names and sizes are practically right, price ranges are still not a consensus between different leaks.

Values ​​may continue to start at $ 699

According to an informant who published information on the Chinese social network Weibo, the price will increase compared to the iPhone 11. This would happen even after everyone has taken it for granted that Apple will stop including chargers in the smartphone box, making it necessary to purchase one separately if the consumer does not already have one at home. According to this informant, the values ​​would start at US $ 749, an increase of US $ 50 compared to the cheapest model of last year.

However, other profiles known for posting leaks of Apple products bet that the company will keep the entry fee at $ 699 for the iPhone 12 mini. One possibility is that this information may have been in conflict because the informant would have had access only to the price of the intermediate iPhone 12, which should actually cost US $ 749. Taking into account all storage variations, the new Apple line would reach stores costing between $ 699 and $ 1,499.

When will the iPhone 12 be announced?

Another piece of information that gained momentum over the week involves the announcement and launch dates of the new iPhone models. Since August, reporter Jon Prosser, who specializes in leaks from Apple, has been hitting the key that the announcement event will take place in mid-October. Now, other sources have started saying that the announcement will take place on October 13. Prosser not only corroborated this information, but said that the pre-sale would start on October 16, with smartphones arriving at physical stores on October 23.

Regardless of the announcement date, the fact is that Apple will continue to follow the same virtual event model adopted throughout 2020 because of the new coronavirus pandemic. As always, the presentation video should be recorded at Apple Park, the company’s campus located in the city of Cupertino, California.

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