Isis Valverde reigns supreme in the second chapter of ‘The Force of Querer’ | The Power of Wanting


And when she went to the carimbó then ….

When we talk about Ritinha, we immediately think of Ruy (Fiuk) and Zeca (Marco Pigossi). And when we talk about the walker, we immediately think about … Jeiza! Paolla Oliveira’s character hasn’t even entered the plot yet, but she has a strong following for Jeizeca!

The police officer is being anxiously awaited by the fans.

Calm people, we will have a lot of Jeiza in the next chapters. The proof is here, in the summary of the week!

+ Review the second chapter of The Force of Querer:

Don’t miss the next emotions of A Força do Querer.

Originally shown in 2017, A Força do Querer is a novel by Gloria Perez, with artistic direction by Rogério Gomes, general direction by Pedro Vasconcelos and direction by Davi Lacerda, Luciana Oliveira, Claudio Boeckel, Roberta Richard and Fábio Strazzer.


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