It looks like confused players are buying Xbox One X instead of Series X in the U.S.


Once the Microsoft announced that Series X was next Xbox, many have already predicted that Christmas 2020 would have parents very confused when buying a console for their child – since the name is similar to the Xbox One X of the current generation.

But the confusion has already started. The pre-sale of the Series X and Series S was opened in the United States on Tuesday (22), which resulted in players looking for the devices on the internet. Only it seems that some were confused (and a lot) when closing the purchase and ordered an Xbox One X by mistake.

The error started to be noticed when the user AndrewAlerts shared on Twitter who noticed a 747% (!) increase in sales of Xbox One X on American Amazon.

The increased interest in Xbox One X caught the eye… (Photo: AndrewAlerts / Twitter)

After that, it didn’t take long for players reporting that they actually bought the wrong console. Some confessed that it was pure inattention, others blamed the level of sleep they were feeling at the moment, while others made fun of the situation – after canceling the purchase, of course. Check out some:

“I was half asleep and I bought an Xbox One X by mistake. M * RDA !! ”, reported the user Troydan, somewhat angry with himself.

Already megggylive reflected on having bought an Xbox One X with a Far Cry 5: “Did I order the wrong one? My God, I think so, ”he wrote.

“This idiot here just ordered an Xbox One X … I’m crying”, commented HundoTV.

Finally, the user Gamesack he joked that there is no point in seeking refuge on the Xbox Series S, since his name is also similar to the Xbox One S: “I just ordered my Xbox Series X! Oh, wait. I accidentally bought an Xbox One X. These similar names are so silly. Oh, I’m just going to ask my parents for Christmas. Ah, they accidentally bought the Xbox One S… Yeah, having similar names is really a good idea! ”.

Both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will launch worldwide in November 2020.


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