– It took one minute from the police ran in until I heard shots.


The father of the toddler (39), who was shot by the police on Tuesday, leaves behind a wife and several children. An eyewitness says that it took a short time from two police officers running into the house until he heard shots.

The man was shot by police in an apartment in the house marked with a red ring. Closed Bolkesjø hotel on the left in the picture. Hans O. Torgersen

The 39-year-old lived partly for himself in the apartment on Bolkesjø and partly with his wife, with whom he has a one and a half year old child. When the police moved out on Tuesday afternoon, it was to Bolkesjø. In the apartment there fell the shots that took his life.

Lawyer Tollef Skobba in the law firm Hasle has been appointed as an assistance lawyer for the deceased’s wife. He had a longer meeting with her on Wednesday afternoon.

– She was called by a representative of the police and was informed that her husband had been shot and was dead. She is very critical of giving such a message in that way. She wished this had happened in a better way, says Skobba to Aftenposten.

On Wednesday night, it was not possible to get a comment from the South-East police district.

The wife is affected by what has happened.

The dead 39-year-old is carried here from the building where he was shot by the police. Hans O. Torgersen

– She was in shock to have received this message and can not understand how this may have happened. She hopes that there will be a thorough, fair and good investigation. She says she hopes “that the perpetrator gets what he deserves”.

Police moved out after two of the man’s colleagues were worried about him and sought him out at home.

Varden writes that the 39-year-old man on Tuesday called a colleague at the workplace in Notodden. The man must have been on sick leave for a period and must have suffered mentally.

The conversation worried the colleague and led to the colleague going to Bolkesjø together with another in the company.

– When they entered the apartment, he came towards them with an ax. He did not threaten them with the ax, but they still perceived the situation so that it was safest to go out. He should not have followed them out of the home, says the owner of the company where the 39-year-old worked, to Varden.

Colleagues then called the police. What happened after the police entered the apartment is not publicly known.

– I saw that two policemen came running and asked two men outside the house where it was. Then they ran into the house. It took maybe less than a minute until I heard several shots, an eyewitness tells Aftenposten.

The witness cannot say for sure how many shots there were, but that there were “at least three”.

– About a minute after I heard the shots, an ambulance came, and then an ambulance came. Then there were four police cars and an ambulance helicopter, the witness says.

On Tuesday night, the forensic technicians from Kripos examined one of the attic apartments in this building, close to the disused Bolkesjø hotel. Hans O. Torgersen

While this was happening, the 39-year-old’s wife was unaware of what was going on, and that the man must have walked towards someone with an ax.

– The wife has been concerned with making it clear that she does not perceive her husband as a dangerous person. She describes the man as a good and loving father. He has had some challenges, but nothing that could have led to such a situation, says lawyer Skobba.

For his part, the lawyer hopes that the Bureau of Investigation will conduct a thorough investigation.

– The common thing in murder cases is that those involved are arrested, remanded in custody and isolated. Although the Norwegian police have the opportunity to use force, I hope that the same principles apply when officials are suspected, that they are isolated until they have given an explanation.

The special unit for police matters moved out with investigators on Tuesday afternoon. They were assisted by forensic technicians from Kripos.

– How many police officers were at the scene, inside and outside the house, when the shooting took place?

– There were four officials there. Two of them have the status of suspects and were questioned until Wednesday night, says Helle Gulseth, acting head of the investigation department in Eastern Norway.

– Have other weapons been found in the apartment than the one police weapon that has been seized?

– I do not want to say anything about that now.

– Was there anyone else in the apartment when the incident took place?

– It is part of what we are now trying to clarify.

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