It will be so much more expensive to watch the Premier League on TV 2 Sumo


TV 2 Sumo customers have to pay 70 kroner extra per month.

TV 2 has increased the price of the Premier League to channel distributors.

As a result, distributors also increase their prices to customers. Canal Digital increased from 499 to 699 a month, and others also announced price jumps.

On Monday afternoon, TV 2 broadcast information to Sumo customers who subscribe to the Premier League and sports.

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Gets more expensive

From 1 November, customers must pay an extra 70 kroner a month to watch top football from England. The price for the sports channels, including the Premier League, is then 519 kroner a month.

The increase is similar for customers who have a Total subscription. For them, the new monthly price is 549.

For those who were already customers last autumn, and who have therefore had a NOK 50 lower monthly price in the past year, the price increase will be NOK 120 per month.

TV 2 is in its last period as a licensee and will show the Premier League in Norway the next two seasons. Many have been surprised that there will be a price increase in the middle of a rights period.

– This increase seems very hard. How often do you self-adjust a product by 40 percent? This does not happen often. This came very abruptly and unexpectedly to our members. Many people think it is both expensive and expensive. Many say they want to cancel the subscription, said general manager Tore Hansen in Liverpool’s Norwegian supporters club in connection with the price jump to the distributors.

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– More expensive

The last time the Premier League became more expensive for Norwegians was in October 2019, the year after TV 2 had secured the Premier League rights from the 2019/20 season until the 2021/22 season. The channel then increased its recommended price to distributors by NOK 50.

When asked how TV 2 defends a price increase in the middle of a rights period, the press manager answers that TV 2 is trying to minimize price increases, and that the channel therefore chose not to take out the entire increase last year.

– We have a great understanding that this is a lot of money. The increase is simply due to the fact that the rights to watch football cost much more. And when the rights become more expensive for such a product, we have to raise the price, he writes.

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