Italian doctor says world still lives first wave of Covid-19


The adviser to the Italian Ministry of Health and a member of the board of the World Health Organization (WHO), doctor Walter Ricciardi, said on Tuesday that the world is not currently experiencing a possible second wave of cases of the new coronavirus, but a increase that is part of the first, which is not over yet.

“In the last few months we have flattened the transmission curve, but without completely stopping it”, thanks, among other things, to the rising temperatures of European summer, but now with autumn and cold “the curve is rising again”, said Ricciardi in statements to the TV station “Sky”.

“It is still the first wave, which we call second only because it corresponds to a new season, but it is the same,” he added.

Italy has accumulated 311,364 cases and 35,851 deaths since February. Of the current 50,323 patients, 264 are admitted to Intensive Care Units (ICUs).

Ricciardi pointed out that the country has more than 10,000 ICUs to serve patients in the coming months and that this is not a problem, but the fact that some regions have deficiencies in their infection safety systems in their hospitals.

“Some hospitals do not have separate routes (in and out). This means that when the flu pressure and the fear of the coronavirus arrive, everyone will arrive at the hospital and will cluster in a single space, causing chaos,” he argued. .

Ricciardi also spoke of Covid-19’s rapid tests which, while not “100% reliable”, “do allow you to identify” those infected to prevent the virus from spreading.

For now, Italy applies them at airports to citizens arriving from Spain, Croatia, Greece, Malta and France and is considering their use soon in schools.


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