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They are powerful and will ignite The Force of Wanting. In the special edition of the 9 o’clock soap, Bibi (Juliana Paes) and Jeiza (Paolla Oliveira) have not yet met, but that is only a matter of time. Soon, their paths will cross and they will become mortal enemies.

Rubinho (Emilio Dantas) is arrested and Bibi (Juliana Paes) despairs – Photo: Fábio Rocha / Gshow

In the next chapters, Rubinho (Emilio Dantas) will start to get involved with drug trafficking. Jeiza, who will be in charge of an action to dismantle a gang of traffickers, will be responsible for the arrest of Bibi’s husband, who will do the most crazy things to get him out of jail.

In Bibi’s mind, Jeiza is responsible for everything bad that will happen to Rubinho and she will do everything to get revenge on the police. It is open war between the two.

Bibi gives her message to Jeiza – Photo: Fábio Rocha / Gshow

To make matters worse, Caio (Rodrigo Lombardi) will enter the middle of this fight between the two. For Bibi’s sake, the lawyer will agree to defend Rubinho and will even face Jeiza in court. However, upon discovering that the ex helped her husband escape from prison, she decides to abandon the case.

Caio defends Rubinho and doesn’t like what he hears from Jeiza – Photo: Fábio Rocha / Gshow

Later, in a high position in the security secretariat, Caio will be caught in the crossfire between drug dealers and police, and Jeiza will protect him. Detail: is that Bibi will be present in this shooting, but on the side of the bandits and will prevent one of them from shooting Caio.

Jeiza protects Caio in shooting – Photo: Fábio Rocha / Gshow

What was a mutual dislike turns to friendship and then to dating. Jeiza and Caio, disillusioned with their previous relationships, will engage in a romance. The police officer will have ended her turbulent relationship with Zeca (Marco Pigossi), and the lawyer will be divorced from Leila (Lucy Ramos) and disappointed with Bibi, who by now will be the Dangerous Bibi and will be targeted by the police.

Jeiza, Caio and Bibi: a trio that will rock ‘A Força do Querer’ – Photo: Globo

Do not miss the emotions of A Fora do Querer and stay tuned to the soap opera summaries.

Originally aired in 2017, The Power of Wanting it’s a soap opera Gloria Perez, with artistic direction by Rogério Gomes, general direction of Pedro Vasconcelos and direction of David Lacerda, Luciana Oliveira, Claudio Boeckel, Roberta Richard e Fábio Strazzer.

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