Joe Biden was “despacito” to the Latin electorate – and that can lead to defeat in an instant – Observer


However, this political advisor’s perception was that the Democratic Party has focused above all on trying to regain the three states it lost from 2012 to 2016 and that, in the end, it cost him the elections: Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, to where the Democratic convention was scheduled until it was reformatted because of the pandemic. When we ask him if he thinks that the Democratic Party is valuing the regaining of votes he once had and that in 2016 he lost considerably (the white electorate without higher education) than the Latin vote, José Dante Parra laughs and says: “ You’re taking all the words out of my mouth ”.

Trump or Biden: who has the (decisive) vote of the American working class?

Now, he points out, all of this can have repercussions in states like Florida, where the Latin electorate is important and growing. And that can happen even if Joe Biden’s team has apparently awakened to the problem at hand – with one little help by Mike Bloomberg, who gave $ 100 million (€ 84.3 million) to the Democratic campaign for Florida alone.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s campaign hired campaign directors in 11 states, with the responsibility of specifically attracting the Latin vote within its various nuances. At the same time, Spanish radio and television ads are being launched in various parts of the country, where the narrators vary depending on the target audience – pulling on the Cuban accent in Miami (Florida), by the Puerto Rican in Orlando and Tampa ( both equally in Florida) and by the Mexican in Arizona.

“Right now, I think Biden’s campaign is already aware of the problem that lies ahead, but for a long time they were careless about Florida,” he says. “They should have come here in full force in the spring. But as they did not, Trump was able to take advantage of the vacuum. ”

While Joe Biden’s campaign focused on reversing the effects of the erosion of the Democratic vote in states like Pennsylvania and Michigan, Donald Trump’s campaign was trying to paint it red in Florida – not red for Republican, but rather red for communist.

Over the past few months, the Trump campaign has been broadcasting ads in Spanish, especially in Florida, where it seeks to associate Biden with figures like Nicolás Maduro and the left wing of the Democratic Party (headed by Bernie Sanders, who has supported Joe Biden since he was defeated by him in the primary elections). Even the boycott that some American left made to Goya, a Cuban food brand based in the USA, after its CEO declared support for Trump, goes without mention in those ads.

In another of these ads, there is a conversation between two Cubans: Marita and Yesenia.

“Oh, gentlemen, all leftists are equal, how intolerant they are, imagine if they come to power,” says Marita. Yesenia replies that she can’t even imagine: “Now they want to raise taxes and cut funds to the police”. Marita has a ready answer: “Yesenia, did you see them march with Che Guevara flags in [Key] Biscane? ”. The latter replies to her with her conclusion: “I do not vote for any Democrats, let alone that Joe Biden”. Marita agrees: “Me even less. I came here to be free ”.

It is not by chance that this conversation arises between two women with a strong Cuban accent and it is also no coincidence that references to “leftists” and associations to an idea of ​​lack of freedom abound if they come to power. With these ads, Donald Trump and his campaign are mainly looking for Latinos who have always been more on the Republican side of politics: Cubans. And not only.

According to José Dante Parra, trying to sell the idea that Joe Biden is a “Trojan horse for socialism” (as Donald Trump repeatedly says) to a Latin of Mexican or Honduran descent “is as effective as sending sugar into the sea to see if it gets sweet ”.


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