Johnson & Johnson vaccine generates antibodies in 98% of volunteers


According to a preliminary study published last Friday (25), the vaccine against the new coronavirus created by Johnson & Johnson showed 98% effectiveness in its application in adults. Available on the scientific website MedRxiv, the 28-page document provides data on phases 1 and 2 of the tests and states that the solution showed a strong immune response to the virus.

The data available in the publication show that, 29 days after vaccination, 98% of participants produced antibodies that neutralized Covid-19. It is these antibodies that defend the body’s cells from pathogenic organisms, a term used to identify structures that cause disease.

According to the study, the vaccine was also considered safe, as few cases of adverse reactions were identified. In the case of mild and moderate, the volunteers experienced pain at the application site, fatigue, headache and muscle pain. By default, these reactions only lasted a day or two.

Few cases of adverse vaccine reactions have been identified. Photo: Kiattisakch / iStock

Only two serious adverse cases were identified: hypotension (low blood pressure) and fever. However, according to the researchers, the hypotensive episode was not associated with the vaccine. The volunteer with a fever was admitted to hospital with the suspicion of having acquired the disease, but recovered in 12 hours.

Ad26.COV2.S, as it has been scientifically named, is being returned by Janssen, a subsidiary pharmaceutical of Johnson & Johnson in the United States, and is considered one of the most promising immunizers, as it is the only one being tested in a single dose.

Phase 3 started

These results allowed the vaccine to advance to phase 3, which started last Wednesday (23). In this last stage of clinical studies, the immunizer is tested on a larger number of people to demonstrate its effectiveness.

If approved, the vaccine receives a health record for later availability to the population. This phase will have the participation of 60 thousand volunteers, over 18 years old, from eight different countries. The pharmacist estimates that completion of the tests takes up to eight weeks.

According to the company, the main objective of the study is to promote a vaccine that is at least 60% effective in preventing Covid-19. The company wants to produce up to 1 billion doses in 2021, at cost.

Source: Veja Sade

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