Jojo hits with the same curse as Eduardo Costa and Leonardo


Leonardo, Jojo Todynho and Eduardo Costa have something in common (Photo: Disclosure)

Jojo Todynho is one of the most controversial names in A Fazenda 12 and has returned to steal the spotlight

The singer Jojo Todynho has been one of the biggest or even the biggest highlights of The Farm 12. In the reality show of Record, the famous has starred in several shacks, in addition to having also renewed the stock of memes of internet users.

It is worth mentioning that the edition of A Fazenda has broken all audience records and has also been the most successful on social networks. And speaking of a social network, Record invested in a partnership with Tiktok and revolutionized the format of the reality show led by Marcos Mion.

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With such success, Jojo Todynho achieved the same feat of great names in the world of music, such as the singers of the backlands Leonardo and Eduardo Costa. Did not understand? Calm that we explain!

The comparison with Eduardo Costa and Leonardo is due to the fact that the famous country singers are well requested in television programs, since they are always a great source of audience. Regardless of the broadcaster where they appear, Leonardo and Eduardo Costa manage to raise Ibope rates and are constantly invited to participate.

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The same can happen with reality shows. As was informed by Flávio Ricco, journalist for the R7 portal, Jojo Todynho was Record’s big bet for A Fazenda 12 and managed to meet the expectations of Edir Macedo’s broadcaster with his strong temperament.

Jojo Todynho suffers sex abstinence due to Fazenda 12 (Photo: Reproduction)
Jojo Todynho in A Fazenda 12 (Photo: Reproduction)

Peoa posture has generated controversy

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Despite the success, not everyone has enjoyed the participation of Jojo Todynho in A Fazenda 12. In a social network, the presenter of RedeTV! commented: “Refrigerator for Jojo Todynho, who is exaggerating in the shacks in A Fazenda! She is the reality star, she was absolutely right in the fight with Biel and others who touch her body and do nothing at headquarters, but she is not the owner of the house and she will not lead on the basis of shouting and profanity! My fans are all hers, sorry to be sawing the branch itself! ”, Wrote Sonia Abrão.

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