Jojo Todynho has a fury after voting: ‘Now the stick will roast’ – 09/30/2020


In the early hours of today, in “A Fazenda 2020”, Jojo Todynho had a rage alone in the kitchen of the headquarters of the reality show of RecordTV.

Soon after the formation of the third garden of the reality, Jojo appeared angry among the pedestrians and took a bottle of water to punch as a way to put the anger out.

“He said that I have to put the hate out,” said the funkeira.

“You’re going to hurt your hand, watch out,” warned Mirella.

Then Jojo turned his attention to Biel, with whom he had friction during RecordTV’s live, and declared war on the singer.

“I threw hatred out. Now the stick is going to torment. If you want peace, amen. If you want war, tell me. I can’t stand false people. False c ******”, he concluded.


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