Jordi Guerrero praises base and regrets draw against Palmeiras


Flamengo coach this afternoon (27), against Palmeiras, at Allianz Parque, the assistant Jordi Guerrero he praised the base of the club and stated that the performance of the red-black team in the 1-1 draw showed that the young people were prepared for the confrontation.

The Spaniard was on the edge of the pitch because Domènec Torrent was one of the cast members who was infected in the middle of an outbreak of covid. Due to the countless positive tests, Fla went on the field with a team full of under-20 boys.

“The squad, at Flamengo, was easy because it has a very good base. And, from the first moment, the players were with us. We had two days to prepare for the game. The psychological issue was not complicated because the players were Flamengo have a very good base and today they showed that they were prepared to play “, he said.

Faced with numerous legal issues and the lack of definition that involved the match, the red-black group arrived at the stadium closest to the time of the game. Due to the warm-up period, the game started at 4:20 pm – Gávea’s team had up to 30 minutes to go to the field and not take WO

“We were concentrated in the hotel and ready to play. We just waited for the time to come to the field. It was longer than usual, a little less time for the warm-up, but all the players and coaching staff were ready,” he said.

Despite countless absences and an away game, Jordi regretted the result. With the tie, Rubro-Negro reached 18 points.

“Flamengo always wants to win, we went to the field to win. The three points are better than one. We won one point, but the idea was to win the three points. In the next game, we will try”, he assured.


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