Jorge Jesus cites pandemic as the first factor for goodbye to Flamengo: “I will never forget” | international football


Convinced by the president of Benfica, Luis Filipe Vieira, to return to Portugal and lead the European project of the club, Jorge Jesus said that the first factor that led him to return to his country was, yes, the Covid-19 pandemic. In an interview with the “TVI” channel, last week, Mister made it clear that his decision weighed on his desire to be close to his family in case of an emergency, amid the delicate moment around the world.

Several facts made me make the decision. First, the pandemic, and second, the project that the president of Benfica exposed to me – summed up.

The coach pointed out that “he lacked nothing” in Brazil and that, before Vieira came up with the proposal to return to the club, he didn’t even think about leaving – weeks before, Mister had renewed his contract with Flamengo until June 2021.

– I came because he convinced me. It was out of my head not to continue at least another year in Brazil. Only he could convince me, just as the pandemic also had some influence on that. I started to think that in Portugal … The virus is in Brazil and Portugal, but here it was closer to mine and could be a support for my family in anything that could happen. In Brazil, I lacked nothing.

Jorge Jesus was thrilled to remember Maracanã singing his name – Photo: Reproduction / TVI

Jorge Jesus pointed out that the objective he has in his career at this moment is to win the Champions League, a title that does not yet have in his resume, and also the Club World Cup, remembering the defeat in the final to Liverpool, last year, with the Flamengo. Mister also made it clear that he intends to train outside Portugal once again.

– I have many projects in my head. When I left Portugal for Saudi Arabia, on the first day I said: “I’m going back to Portugal”. It was my conviction. And now I am convinced that I will not end my career in Portugal. With sports projects you cannot be sure, but there is always one more that I am looking for. I don’t know if I’m going to make it or not.

  • Benfica is leader of the Portuguese Championship; see the table

When remembering his time at Flamengo, Jorge Jesus was once again moved to speak of the affection received by the Brazilian people. With tears in his eyes, Mister recalled how Maracanã, on the nights of games at the Rio de Janeiro club, chanted his name in the stands

– This stage in Brazil was very beautiful, I will never forget it. Anyone who loves football has to go to Maracanã, because the Brazilian people love football, live, music. They are sweet. They have no problem saying “I love you” to men or women. And all the games had 70 thousand people shouting his name – he ended.

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