Journalist embarrasses actress and she surprises with response


despite 365 Days be a success, netizens have not spared the erotic polish from criticism. Thus, they accused the film of romanticizing the sexual abuse and kidnapping.

Like the feature film, the protagonists’ career also leveraged. Thus, Michele Morrone e Anna-Maria Sieklucka became the subject of headlines and gossip sites.

With that, one of the situations that most caught the media’s attention was an interview by Sieklucka to the magazine Viva. On the occasion, the journalist Roman Praszyński asked very intimate questions to the actress, publicly embarrassing her. Find out how she reacted here!

Journalist embarrasses actress of 365 Days and she surprises with an answer. | Photo: Editing / Reproduction.

365 Days: Journalist embarrasses actress and she surprises with response

In an interview with the magazine Viva, Roman Praszyński asked personal and intimate questions to the star of 365 Days. Embarrassed, Anna-Maria Sieklucka tried to avoid questions as much as possible.

So, among the questions, “Do you like sex?”, “Do you have a sexual experience?”, “Did you wear lace lingerie for the casting?” outraged both the actress and the magazine’s readers. With that, Sieklucka countered with “And what does that matter?”

In the face of shame, the Viva he apologized to the actress and fired the journalist. However, netizens did not forgive or let the occasion pass by. Thus, readers classified the interview as “bad work” and “sexist and degrading”.

In addition, the actress spoke for the first time about the event. According to her, some people “forget common sense and the limit”. Furthermore, he confessed that he felt more comfortable on the set than during the interview.

We women are sometimes in a worse position in the eyes of men. I do not know why. I don’t know why some men usurp the right to go so deep in our intimacy.

Sieklucka admitted to

The author of the saga, Blanka Lipińska, also commented on the controversy and disapproved of the journalist’s behavior. “I’m sorry that, as a woman, she was treated with an object. At the same time, I am proud of her for raising this conversation, ”said Lipińska.

There has always been a persistent conviction in society that a man who plays a courageous role is an admirable stallion (…). Roman’s interview disappointed me a lot because it perpetuates this stereotype. The way he spoke to Anna-Maria and the questions asked were, in my opinion, very inappropriate.


By Isabela Cagliari – Writing Speak!


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