Judicial battle between Apple and Epic Games should be taken to popular jury


On Monday (28), the legal battle between Applee Epic Games began in the courts. However, the first hearing brought no final decision. This shows that if both companies want to resolve the issue before a jury, they must prepare for a slow process and with possible twists and turns.

The fight between the companies, which started recently, occurred when Epic, dissatisfied with the fees charged by Apples over transactions made within the ‘Fortnite’ game, decided to implement its own payment system. The apple company saw this as violating the rules of the app store, resulting in the exclusion of the game from the App Store. In response, Epic sues Apple for violating antitrust laws with the decision.

At the remote hearing, which was conducted by Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, a federal judge in northern California, Epic was questioned about the inability of its lawyers to justify the reason for the lawsuit against Apple, since the company’s practice, according to juza, does not differ from other current platforms, such as Steam or dedicated console stores.

The fight started when Epic, dissatisfied with the fees charged by Apple on transactions made within the ‘Fortnite’ game, decided to implement its own payment system. Photo: Koshiro K / Shutterstock

As a justification, Epicalega that console manufacturers sell their equipment with almost zero profit margins, precisely to generate revenue from online sales. With this, the company maintained the claim that Apple charges abusive fees – 30% on each transaction. However, the judge said that, so far, “there seemed to be no evidence” that Epic’s allegations hold up.

The judge also criticized some of Apple’s decisions, such as the free competition of the company’s operating system, iOS, and how the company reached 30% of the transactions. Finally, she questioned why the rate was not progressive in some cases.

In response, Apple’s lawyers stated that the system offers free competition, mainly because users are not required to play the Epic title only on their device, and may opt for other platforms that play the game.

In her decision, the judge stated that the fairest for both companies in this case would be to take the trial to a popular jury. Epicno was satisfied with the decision, but is expected to comment on the matter this Tuesday (29). If this does happen, the hearing is only expected to take place in July 2021, causing ‘Fortnite’ to remain outside of the Apple devices until then.

Via: MacMagazine


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