Juliano goes after Raissa Barbosa and asks for respect


Shortly after the vote that formed another farm in The Farm 12, Jojo and Raissa made the atmosphere of the house catch fire.

Raissa Barbosa took 6 votes, was the most voted of the house and is back in the country. After the program ended, Raissa was very irritated with Juliano Ceglia, Biel and Cartolouco – enough to catch a creme moisturizer from your room and go to the living room to play with the three pawns, accusing them of ‘false’.

Juliano arrived satisfying Raissa.

Then, Juliano Ceglia went to the room where the paoa was satisfying. Angered, Juliano even broke the door of the dorm where Raissa was with a kick: “You respect me”.

The discussion continued, and Juliano warned that he would not attack anyone, “I will not beat you”.

Juliano was taken out of the room by the girls and, in the living room, still angry, he vented, “He threw something in my face. That pyre ****. It’s her life’s dream that I hit her ”. Juliano was calmed by Biel. “Stop, stay with yours, please”.

Finally, Juliano speaks to the cameras in a message to his children: “Daddy loves you. Daddy won’t attack anyone, but Daddy isn’t a muggle either. ”


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