Juliano invades room and goes to Raissa in a fight


Troubled dawn in A Fazenda 12! Raissa Barbosa threw moisturizer at Juliano Ceglia, Biel and Lucas Cartolouco, after the formation of a farm. Angered, the sports journalist countered.

After the third formation of a roça de The Farm 12, Raissa Barbosa had a fury and threw cream at the confinement colleagues. She soiled Lucas Cartolouco and the pedestrians who are beside him in the hot seat of the week, Biel and Juliano Ceglia. Enraged by the situation, Juliano invaded the headquarters room and went to the model. Record, however, cut the images. See what happens:

How did the shack start?

The atmosphere became tense between Raissa and some men from The Farm 12 when the model exposed conversations she heard between participants. More voted by the headquarters, Raissa had to pull a resident of the stall to the third place in the hot seat.

“I have two options, the first is a guy [Juliano] that doesn’t honor what’s between your legs. Because last week he apologized to me, said a lot of things, said he would not vote for me, when he arrives here on time, vote for me ”, he commented. The model continued: “the second option is Biel, who last week we had that friction, I threw water in his face. Then we talked at the party, I said I played because I thought he was a fake. And I think he’s a fake ”.


During the justification, Raissa also said that she woke up while Biel was talking and overheard him talking about his friend Lucas Cartolouco: “fsaid that Cartolouco was in the kitchen pulling the bag of others to no be voted ”.

The paoa said he was in doubt between the two options, but decided to pull Biel.

What happened between Raissa and Biel after the first farm of A Fazenda 12?

After the first garden The Farm 12 was formed, Raissa, who took 8 votes, revolted. During the rage, the paoa cried and splashed water on some pawns in the kitchen. “You played dirty,” he fired.

Juliano Ceglia lost control in A Fazenda 12

After Raissa smeared the pawns with cream, Juliano Ceglia lost the line. The sports journalist forcefully opened the door to the The Farm 12, in which were Raissa, Jojo Todynho and other participants. “It will break the door. Calm down, are you crazy? ”Shouted MC Mirella.

The pawn went to the bed where Raissa was and started shouting “you respect me” several times. Juliano kept pointing his finger at the model. Amid confusion, which became widespread, the transmission was cut off. Shortly afterwards it was possible to hear that the journalist was still shouting. “I’m not going to hit you,” he said.

What did the pawn say about Raissa to Biel?

Even after he stopped shouting at Raissa, Juliano remained angry and shot a conversation with Biel in The Farm 12: “Threw this shit in my face. It’s her life’s dream that I hit her ”.


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