Justice suspends Livraria Cultura bankruptcy decree temporarily | economy


According to the sentence, the suspension is valid until the collegiate body of the Court of Justice makes a decision on the matter, which may take up to a month.

According to Fabiana Solano, partner at Felsberg Advogados, an office that works with Grupo Cultura in judicial reorganization, the decision meets the appeal that states “there are no irregularities in the Creditors’ Meeting that approved the change”.

The defense of Livraria Cultura argued that two creditors requested rectification of their votes shortly after the formal closing of the vote, which was carried out virtually, but the Justice rejected the request to compute the vote change.

“If the votes of these two creditors had been counted as they wished – that is, for the approval of the plan and not for its rejection – the final score would be 23 votes for approval (51.11% of the voting quorum) and 22 votes by rejection (48.89% of the voting quorum), so that the amendment would be considered approved “, justified the lawyers.

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