Kalil says he revoked school permits to avoid legalizing back to school in BH – Education


The impeachment of school and college permits in Belo Horizonte, determined by the city hall last week, was a measure to prevent a rush from the educational institutions to the courts, after the announcement of the reopening of the Military College, which ended up closed after a day of school. and became the target of several conflicting court decisions. The explanation was given by the head of the municipal Executive, Alexandre Kalil, this Monday afternoon (28), during a press conference.

“It was a way out that we found so there was no lack of control, an Indian line of requests in court,” he said.

Also according to the mayor, research indicates that parents do not want to return to school. “You go to a bar if you want, at Feira da Afonso Pena if you want. But at school the child is obliged to go.”

The mayor criticized people who are raising the issue to politicize the ban on returning to school activities. He even cited examples from countries like France and Germany that were forced to suspend schools after a few days of reopening.

Municipal Secretary of Health, Jackson Machado pointed out that only when the city registers five cases of Covid-19 per hundred thousand inhabitants will elementary and high schools return to face-to-face activities. For higher education institutions, 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

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