Keanu Reeves becomes Marvel series hero; Look


It is very common for rumors to associate Keanu Reeves with the most varied roles in Marvel.

The actor, for example, has already been identified as a possible interpreter of the new Ghost Rider. In addition, there are those who want it as the new Wolverine.

However, according to the latest rumor, the actor is actually quoted by Marvel to live the Moon Knight.

The rumor came from Illuminerd, a site known for bringing technical information from Hollywood productions. It is a source that has already had its hits, so the new rumor has gained some attention.

Thinking about it, the digital artist “spdrmnkyxxiii” created a montage that shows Keanu Reeves as the Knight of the Moon.

Fan art mixes the look of comics with an Assassin’s Creed-inspired approach. You can take a look at the assembly below.

Moon Knight is in development for Disney +, Disney’s new streaming service.

The series was created by Jeremy Slater. The writer and producer worked on The Umbrella Academy and The Exorcist.

In comic books, the Moon Knight is a dark character who is much compared to Batman, although he is much more intense and insane.

Marvel has yet to announce a release date for the Moon Knight series on Disney +.


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