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WC ARENA? Granåsen and Trondheim will probably have the World Cup in 2025. Photo: Ole Martin Wold

The cooperation agreement between Trondheim Municipality and the International Ski Federation (FIS) will be exempt from public access until it is signed. The presidency is now postponing the World Cup decision until Thursday.

On Monday, VG mentioned that the politicians in Trondheim had not seen the content of the comprehensive agreement with FIS the day before they were to give their approval to the World Ski Championships in Trondheim in 2025.

On Tuesday morning, on the same day as the presidency was to decide whether to give the green light to the World Cup in Trondheim, the politicians finally got access to the agreement. Adressa now announces that the WC decision has been postponed until Thursday.

– It is a comprehensive agreement that takes time to read through, and we will postpone this beyond Thursday, says Conservative Ingrid Skjøtskift to Adressa.

The same newspaper also reports that the very comprehensive agreement between FIS and the municipality will be exempt from the public. This causes the aforementioned Joint Change to react:

– I do not think it is justifiable that it is exempt from public access, either. This is an agreement that affects the economy of Trondheim, and we want an agreement that is good and that does not contain extra expenses and extra obligations.

CFO Olaf Løberg informs the newspaper that it has been decided by the parties that the agreement will be treated confidentially until the parties have signed.

– I can assure you that this has been thoroughly reviewed, and that we can go for this contract with the economy that lies there. The financial conditions for the organizer have also been greatly improved, and the grant is now NOK 30-40 million higher than at the previous crossroads. There is greater security now than before, says municipal director Morten Wolden, according to Adressa.

Trondheim was the only applicant for the World Ski Championships in 2025. After the politicians have been asked to give the green light on Thursday, FIS will formally give the event to Trondheim already on Saturday. On the same day, the final agreement between the parties will be signed.

When Norway worked on the application that was to end with an Oslo Olympics in 2022, VG ​​gained access to a very controversial list of demands from the IOC, which among other things required to meet the King, have access to alcohol in the stadiums, as well as a number of other matters.

The uproar surrounding the list of demands has been highlighted by some as a contribution to the Olympic process being stopped in 2014.

Municipal director in Trondheim, Morten Wolden, defends the recent World Cup agreement – which is not available to the public:

– First and foremost, this contract is a technical document with, among other things, where journalists will be during the jump race. There are also no white tablecloths or tall champagne glasses in the contract. This is not an Olympics, but a World Cup. The financial aspects have been clarified through the cooperation agreement between NSF and the municipality. We hope for a profit, and it has already been negotiated how this profit will be distributed, Wolden says to Adressa.

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