Kelly Key’s daughter Suzanna Freitas reveals she’s with Covid-19


Suzanna Freitas, daughter of singer Kelly Key, told her followers that she and her boyfriend contracted the Covid-19 virus and that both had their noses hit, meaning they don’t smell anything.

In her Instagram stories, she commented: “I can’t take a shower anymore, put on perfume… Why use perfume? I’m not smelling, Gabriel is not smelling, nobody is talking to me. I caught myself like that, smelling my hair to see if it smelled ”.

Later, the influencer reported how she found out she was infected: “I wanted to say something very important to you […] When Gabriel started to have the first symptoms, he didn’t think it was going to be Covid, he thought it was going to be some sinusitis, because the headache is very similar to the sinus headache. But when I started to have symptoms and my grandmother is at risk, we started to get very worried and took the test as a precaution and it was positive ”.

Suzanna took the opportunity to alert the followers: “What I wanted to say to you is: The corona virus manifests itself in different ways in each person, in me they were very mild symptoms, in Gabriel too, thank God, but there are people who they look really bad. So, even if you have very mild symptoms, get tested! ”

She talked about the risks of not getting tested and walking around, putting other people’s health at risk without even knowing about the virus.


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