Know what to do if the money goes out of Caixa Tem


With the pandemic scenario and the need for social distance, this year, the Caixa Tem application gained space among Brazilians, especially among those who used services to receive emergency benefits such as Emergency Aid, FGTS and BEm. Therefore, the number of frauds in the application and in digital savings has also increased.

So, if you noticed a strange movement in your digital savings, you may have been the victim of fraud, or it was just an automatic transfer that Caixa made to another account, understand how to identify it.

Automatic transfer

If you signed up to receive Emergency Aid and, at the time of registration, informed an existing personal account, in the first few weeks, the government paid emergency aid in the account indicated and opened a digital savings account only for those who were not bank account holders. Then, the rule changed, and everyone (except those enrolled in Bolsa Família) started receiving installments through the Caixa Tem application.

The government also started to adopt payment in two stages. First, the money is only available for digital transactions via the app, such as online purchases and payment of slips. On a second date, the balance is released for withdrawals and transfers.

It is in this second stage that confusion can happen. In some cases, when the withdrawal release date arrived, Caixa transferred the balance automatically to that personal account that the beneficiary had informed in the register.

So, make sure that the money that came out of Caixa Tem’s digital savings hasn’t ended up in another account of yours. If not, you have probably been a victim of fraud.


When you identify that your digital savings money has been diverted or withdrawn without authorization, look for a Caixa branch.

According to the bank, there is a service protocol and a form that must be filled in to collect information to help find out what happened to the money.

You don’t have to go to the police. Although she is responsible for investigating fraud involving benefits from the federal government, the PF advises that the victim should only look for a Caixa branch, avoiding unnecessary agglomerations and displacements.

If additional clarifications are needed, the police say they will contact the beneficiary using the information provided in the contestation process made by Caixa.

If it is proven that there was a fraudulent withdrawal or movement, the victim will be compensated, according to Caixa.

Avoiding fraud

Caixa has a page with guidelines to prevent social savings money from falling into the hands of scammers. Among the main tips are: do not click on links received by SMS, WhatsApp or social networks to access accounts and receivables; distrust sensational information and “unmissable opportunities”; use only official apps and websites from Caixa or the federal government; do not use in Caixa Has the same password of other systems and sites.

The bank also warns that it never asks for a password and electronic signature on the same page. The electronic signature is entered only through the image of the virtual keyboard.


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