Lacombe exposes backstage at Band and delivers true reason for dismissal


Ernesto Lacombe (Photo: Disclosure)

The journalist Lacombe is the newest contracted to RedeTV !. After leaving Globo, he was Band’s big bet, but ended up falling out with the Morumbi broadcaster and left through the back door.

In a conversation with the newspaper O Dia, Lacombe detonated the traditional media and accused it of behaving like “a political party defeated in the elections”. “Omitting or reducing what is good in the government, increasing what is bad, even inventing problems, defects, this has been a common behavior of some media outlets,” he said.

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Ernesto Lacombe was fired from Band in June this year. A few weeks later, he signed with RedeTV! and already has three new projects in progress. Band’s bombastic departure came after his program, Aqui na Band, was suspended on charges of being biased and favorable to Bolsonarism, when the channel tries to take a neutral political stance.

Asked by the newspaper if his dismissal at Band is involved with his political conservatism, he commented: “Respecting the perennial clauses of the contract I had with Band, I cannot say much,” said Lacombe.

Also to the newspaper O Dia, Ernesto Lacombe revealed that he will have a solo program weekly and another that will be daily. “The third project for TV I keep completely confidential,” he declared. “In digital media, we will replicate the station’s products and also show original, exclusive content.”

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Asked about his relationship with Jair Bolsonaro (Sem Partido), who recently threatened to publicly attack a journalist, Lacombe defended the current president and said that because he was an “authentic” person and that, because he was “more rude”, “some journalists take advantage of this ”.

“Would it be better for a conciliatory president to avoid confrontation with the press? Perhaps. What is certain is that it would be much worse to have a president who wanted to “regulate the media”, which Bolsonaro never considered, but Lula and Dilma, yes, several times ”, said Lacombe.


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